Wo Jis Ne Apny Na Na Ka Wada Wafa Kar Dia Ghar Ka Ghar Supard-E-Khuda Kar Dia Nosh Kar Lia Jis Ne Shahadat Ka Jaam Us 'Hussain Ibne-Ali' Par Lakhon Salam ||  Hazrat Mohammad SAWW- 4 cheezen insaan ki khush nasibi hai Nek Dost, Nek Aulad, Uski Biwi ki soch uske jaisi ho aur uska Rozgar uske apne shehar me ho. ||  Imam Ali A.S. Kamzor par zulm karna badtareen zulm hai. ||  Hazrat Mohammad SAWW- Sona(Gold) aur Resham meri ummat ki Aurto ke liye Halal hai aur Mardo ke liye Haram hai. ||  Imam Sadiq A.S. Jo wuzu ke bad kisi chiz se khushk(wipe) nahi karega aur aazae wuzu khud ba khud khushk ho jae(sukh jaye) to ose 30 nekiyon ka sawab milega. ||  The Holy Prophet Mohammad s.a.w.w said :Train your children in three things :thelove of your Prophet ,the love of his progeny i.e AHLULBAYT and recitation of the Quran....Al -Jami-ul-saghir vol 1 p14 ||  Imam Mohammad Baqir A.S.- Wo ko WUZU karte waqt ek baar AYATUL QURSI padhe to ALLAH uske 40 saal ki ibadat ka sawab dega, 40 darjat buland karega, 40 huron se shadi karega. ||  Imam Ali A.S.- Apne Bacchon ko NAMAZ sikaho aur jab baligh ho jaye to unko NAMAZ padhne par majboor karo. ||  Imam Mohammad Taqi A.S.- Jo meri phuphi(aunty) MASUMA-E-QUM S.A. ki qabr ki ziyarat kare uske liye Jannat hai. ||  Imam Ali A.S.- Jo ISTEKHARA karega woh kabhi hairan nahi foga aur jo mashwara(advice) lega kabhi pareshan nahi hoga. ||  Daman E Aql Ko Jo Chaak Nhi Kr Sakta, Wo Kbi Noor Ka Idrak Ni Kr Sakta, Bughz E Haider Ki Nijasat Ha Nijasat Aisi, Aab-E-Zum Zum Bhi Jise Pak Nhi Kr Sakta ||  Imam Ali A.S.- Bhook aur Bimari ek jagah jamaa nahi ho sakti. ||  Nahjul Balagha: Certainly, the Quran is wonderful in its outward form, and its inner meanings are profound. ||  Imam Jafar Sadiq A.S.- Jo Mohtaj Momin ko Khana khilaye to aisa hai ke usne Hazrat Ismail ki Aulad me se 100 admiyo ko QATL se bachaya. ||  Hazrat Mohammad Mustafa SAWW-Agar Koi MUSALMAAN ko milawat wala MAAL bechta hai wo humme se nahi hai. QAYAMAT ke din wo YAHUDIYO ke sath uthaya jayega. ||  Hazrat Mohammad Mustfa SAWW- Maa Baap ki nafarmani wo gunah hai ki aadmi ki zindagi hi me ALLAH usko marne se pehle saza deta hai. ||  Imam jafar Sadiq A.S.- Apni Aulaad ke nek naam rakho kyun ki qayamat me inhee naamo ke zariye pukara jayaga. ||  Imam Sajjad A.S.- Jhooti Qasam se mall barbaad ho jaata hai aur karobar me barkat khatm ho jaati hai. ||  Imam Ali A.S. Se Poocha gaya ke Sharif kaun hai? AAP ne farmaya 'Jo Kamzor ke saath INSAAF kare'.  ||  Imam Ali A.S.- ILM aisi khubsurti hai jo chipi(hidden) rehti aur aisa rishta hai jo munqata(disconnect) nahi hota. || 
Imam Mohammad Taqi (A.S.)
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Name : Muhammad bin Ali. - the 9th Holy Imam
Titles : At-Taqi, Al-Jawad.
Agnomen : Abu Ja'fer.
Father : Imam Ali Riza(a.s.) - the 8th Holy Imam
Mother : Sabika (also known as Khaizuran).
Birth : At Madina on Friday, 10th Rajab 195 AH (809 AD)
Martyred : In Kazmain at age 25, on Wednesday, 29th ZeQa'ad 220 AH (835 AD)
Cause of Death/Burial : Poisoned by Abbasid Khalifa Mo'atasim in Kazmain near Baghdad, Iraq and buried there

His Parents & Birth
He was the only son of the eighth Imam Ali Riza (a.s.) The Prophet (pbuh&hf) had said:

"My father be sacrificed on the mother of the 9th Imam who will be a pure and pious Nubian."

Imam Musa Kadhim (a.s.) had told one of his companions that his daughter-in-law (Sabika) would be one of the most pious of women and to give her his salaams. She came from the same tribe as the Prophet's(pbuh&hf) wife - Maria Kubtiya who bore the Prophet his son Ibrahim (who died in infancy).

Imam Muhammad Taqi (a.s.) was born when his father was 45 years old. Till then Imam Ali Riza (a.s.) had constantly been taunted that he had no children. When the 9th Imam was born, a brother of Imam Ali Riza(a.s.) was angry because he would lose out in inheriting the Imam's property and in his jealousy spread a rumour that Imam Ali Riza(a.s.) was not the father. He was eventually proved wrong by a person who could tell parentage.
Imam Ali Taqi (A.S.) is the nine imam of Shia Muslims.

The 9th Imam was 5 years old when his father was called to Baghdad by Mamun Rashid to be his 'heir apparent'. When Imam Ali Riza (a.s.) was leaving he saw his son putting sand in his hair. He asked why and the young Imam replied that this was what an orphan did. Imam Riza(a.s.) was fully aware of the treacherous character of the ruling king and was sure that he would not return to Medina. So before his departure from Medina he declared his son Muhammad al-Jawad(a.s.) as his successor , and imparted to him all his stores of Divine knowledge and spiritual genius.


Imam Ali Riza(a.s.) was poisoned on 17th Safar 203 AH and with effect from the same date Imam Muhammad al-Jawad(a.s.) was commissioned by Allah to hold the responisbility of Imamate . At the tender age of eight there was no apself chance or means of the young Imam reaching great heights of knowledge and practical achievements . But after a few days he is known not only to have debated with his contemporary scholars on subjects pertaining to fiqh ( Islamic jurisprudence ) , hadith ( tradition ) , tafsir ( Qur'anic exegesis ) , ect . and outwitted them , but also to exhort their admiration and acknowledgment of his learning and superiority . Right from then the world realized that he possessed Divine knowledge and that the knowledge commanded by the Holy Imam was not acquired , but granted by Allah.

His titles, life & works
The ruler of the time, Mamun Rashid, thought that as all the rulers before him had oppressed the Imams and their schemes had backfired that he would try to bribe the Imams. He tried to make the 8th Imam his heir apparent and give him power and wealth but that also backfired.

He now tried to use power and wealth with the 9th Imam again but from a much younger age thinking that he would be able to influence him. His main purpose was also to make sure that the 12th Imam (whom he knew would bring justice to the world) would be from his progeny and therefore intended to give his daughter Ummul Fadhl to the Imam for a wife. Mamun still continued oppressing the family and followers of the Ahlul-bayt (a.s.).

Mamun called the young Imam (a.s.) to Baghdad from Madina and offered his daughter. This infuriated his family (Banu Abbas). To prove to them the excellence of Imam even at a young age he arranged a meeting between Imam and the most learned of men at that time - Yahya bin Athkam.

It was a grand occasion with some 900 other scholars present. Imam (a.s.) was first asked by Yahya:

What is the compensation (kaffara) for a person in Ehraam who hunted and killed his prey?"

Imam replied that there were many more details required before he could answer the question:

Did the Muhrim (one in Ehraam) hunt in the haram or outside?
Did the Muhrim know Sharia or not? Did he hunt intentionally or not?
Did he hunt for the first time or was this one of many times?
Was he free or a slave? Was his prey a bird or an animal?
Was it big or small?
Had he hunted by day or by night?
Was he baligh or not?
Was he repentant or not?
Was his ehraam for Hajj or Umra?

Yahya was stunned. He looked down and started sweating.

Mamun asked the young Imam(a.s.) to answer the question, which he did, and then Imam(a.s.) asked Yayha a question which he could not answer. Then Ma'mun addressed the audience thus : ``Did I not say that the Imam comes of a family which has been chosen by Allah as the repository of knowledge and learning ? Is there any one in the world who can match even the children of this family ?'' All of them shouted , ``Undoubtedly there is no one parallel to Muhammad ibn `Ali al - Jawad .'' In the same assembly Mamun wedded his daughter Ummul Fadl to the Imam(a.s.) and liberally distributed charity and gifts among his subjects as a mark of rejoicing . Imam (a.s.) read his own Nikah (the khutba of which is used today) with the Mehr of 500 dirhams. Imam(a.s.) wrote a letter to Mamun that he would also give Ummul Fadhl Mehr from the wealth of Aakhira. This was in the form of 10 duas which were for fulfilling any hajaat (desires) [Chain of narrators upto Prophet - Jibrail - Allah]* . Thus his title Al-Jawad (the generous one).
* These duas are found in Mafatihul Jinaan (pg 447 - In margin)

Imam(a.s.) lived for a year in Baghdad with Ummul Fadhl. She was very disobedient to Imam(a.s.). When she found out that Imam(a.s.) had another wife (from the progeny of Ammar-e-Yasir(a.r.)) and that there was also children she was jealous and angry realizing that her father's plan had failed. She complained to her father who also realized that his plan, to keep the 12th Imam in his progeny, had failed. He was enraged and in his rage he drank heavily and went to the 9th Imam's(a.s.) house and attacked the Imam(a.s.) with a sword. Both Ummul Fadhl and a servant saw the attack and believed that the Imam(a.s.) was dead. Mamun, on waking next morning, realized the consequences of his attack and was thinking of arranging the disposal of Imam's(a.s.) body when he saw Imam(a.s.) well without even a scratch on him. He was confused and asked Imam(a.s.) who showed him an amulet which is called Hirze Jawad. Imam(a.s.) told him it was from his grand mother Bibi Fatima Zahra (s.a.) and kept the wearer safe from all except the angel of death. Mamun asked Imam(a.s.) for it and Imam(a.s.) gave him one.

Now Mamun was scared and tried a new tactic. He tried to deviate Imam(a.s.) by sending him beautiful girls and musicians. When he realised nothing was working he let Imam(a.s.) return to Madina.

Imam(a.s.) used this time to prepare the masails of Taqleed and Ijtihaad in preparation for the 12th Imam(a.s.) knowing that both the 10th and the 11th Imams(a.s.) would spend most of their lives in prison. He also prepared the people of Madina teaching true Islam knowing that this would be the last time they would be able to receive guidance directly from an Imam(a.s.) for a long time.

Ummul Fadhl continuously complained of Imam(a.s.) to her father who sent her letters back.

Mamun died in 218 a.h. and was succeeded by his brother Mo'tasam Billah. He openly announced that all Shias were non-Muslims. He said it was required for people to kill and prosecute Shias, and to destroy property belonging to Shias.

Ummul Fadhl now started complaining to her uncle who was sympathetic to her. Mo'tasam called the Imam(a.s.) to Baghdad. He asked him to pass judgement of how to punish a thief. Imam(a.s.) said only fingers could be cut as the palms were for Allah (as in Qur'an - it is one of the wajib parts to touch the ground during sajda). As this decision was contrary to the decision of the other 'Ulema' it strengthened the position of the Shias. The other 'Ulema' complained to Mo'tasam.

Death & Burial
With instigation from both the 'Ulema' and Ummul Fadhl, Mo'tasam sent poison which Ummul Fadhl put in Imam's(a.s.) drink and gave it to him. Imam(a.s.) died on 29th Dhulqa'ada at the age of 25 years and is buried near his grandfather in Kadhmain. His son the 10th Imam, Imam Ali Naqi(a.s.) gave him ghusl and kafan.

Summary of Imam's Work
It is he who prepared and wrote books for the masails of Ijtihaad and Taqleed which were essential to prepare believers for the ghaibat of the 12th Imam.